WE TAKE OUR NAME from the Maori art of Tukutuku weavings.

They are decorative wall panels that were once part of the traditional wall construction used inside meeting houses. The making of the panels is a significant social event and the weavers work in pairs from either side, passing the strand of harakeke to one another - just like the members of TUKU are working together to spread the word of our wonderful Māori wines to the world.

Guardianship of the land and people

We are all certified by sustainable wine growers NZ but we look beyond that. The TUKU collective is all about family and we want to ensure that we look after our lands and our people, to make sure future generations get to experience Aotearoa in the same way we have.

Our family, our heritage

Whakapapa links people to all other living things, the earth and the sky, and traces the universe back to its origins. We are all extremely proud of our heritage and where we come from and we have many generations working within our companies. We embrace the past, live in the present and look to the future.

Sense of family connection

It is a big part of our culture to create a sense of belonging and to embrace people into our whānau. It is important to the collective to create meaningful relationships through shared experiences and by working together. We respect and foster relationships within our organisation, within our iwi and within the community. We may not be born of the same parents but you are still very much part of our whānau.


We thrive on this. Let’s be honest wine is a great thing to share with friends and family and that is what we’re all about. Enhancing that special moment, showing our generosity, sharing a slice of New Zealand and embracing you into our whānau.